Jurnal Internasional : Analysis of Students’ Mental Health after Terror Cases in Indonesia

Penulis : Muhammad Darwis Dasopang, Erawadi, Ali Sati, Ali Asrun Lubis, Hamdan Hasibuan.


Mental health is one important part to maintain in the learning process. The aim of this study was to analyze students’mental health after the terror cases in Indonesian. This study applied a qualitative approach in the type of case study research. The informants interviewed in this study were teachers and educational figures, while the respondents of the questionnaire in this study were high school students. Those informants were people who live in areas of terrorism victims in Indonesia. The determination of informants and respondents in this study was based on purposive random sampling technique. The research data were collected by interview and questionnaire techniques. The data analysis technique used was data triangulation. The results showed that students’ mental health living in the victims of terrorism had decreased and it had an impact on disruption of the education system in the area. This can be seen from several indicators, namely emotional, health, behavioral, and psychological instability of students. This result clearly showed that students’ mental health had a serious impact in determining the sustainability of the education system.

Key words: Mental health, students, terrorism


Nama Jurnal : Systematic Reviews in Pharmacy

E-ISSN 0976-2779 | ISSN 0975-8453

doi: 10.31838/srp.2020.2.129




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